Together with you – part 5

After a deep sleep together with linda under that big tree, before she woke up i went in the bush and plugged some fruits for her, later she then woke up and she stared at me with a smile on her face, i then said to her ” it seems like you are tired, here are some fruits for you, have them, may be it will reduce some stress” she laughed and came close to me, later she held my hands and draw me closer saying” jack you know i did promise you that i will be together with you, so there is one last thing i wanna say, uhmmm i think….”

I waited to hear what she was to say then we heard a roar of a wild animal, we ran for our live and hid ourselves behind a tree covered with tall grases, i was peeping to see where the animal was heading to, but i couldnt see him, i think he lost visual.

When i turned at linda, she waa staring at me which made me felt some how, then i asked ” whats wrong?? ” she replied saying nothing and we continued with our walk.

Early in the morning Mr. Skrebut came to jack’s house and met his mother, but before he could say a word she asked angrily saying

“where is my son?? ” he was suprised when he heard that but he replied too saying

“That’s the same question i want to ask you”

Jack’s mom was furious and she said

“Stop playing games Skrebut, this time around you wont succeed in killing my son so better say it out, where is he?? And if not i will inform the cops… ”

They took long time arguing and later they were tired,and all of them kept quite, Mr. Skrebut said

“I shouldn’t have done things this way, now i have lost my only daughter.”

The case was taken to court and the judge continues… Jack and linda finally arrived at a village called ” zoolah ” the village was filled with nature every where green plants and they were all staring at the place, a girl walked to them and welcomed them they were taken to the king and they explained all that happened to him. The king then recieve them and gave them a good place for them to live.. Both linda and jack were happy with that and they moved straight to their new home. It was cool inside and Linda turned to jack with a smile and said

” This is the begining of the story ” i smiled and hugged her, and kisses followed, i was carried away and we fell on the bed as we continue enjoying ourselves.

The end.

Part 6 coming soon

Join us next and know how jack and linda will continue with thier relationship and what will be the judge’s decision over the case.

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