How I brought home a evil spirit – part 2

Has you can probably guess I thought I was going crazy. I guess insanity was the least of my problems. After finding out what was going on I still had 2 weeks left of work. I couldn’t just up and leave I have a family That depends on my income. So my wife had to live two weeks of hell. The events that transpired was as you can guess not normal. She would tell me that she was miss placing things and also hearing banging sounds Throughout the night. I didn’t tell her I thought it was a evil spirit why would I? I don’t want another person telling me I’m crazy I have that enough of that already. She felt my hell when came to the dreams she would dream about something horrible happening to our son and as soon as she would wake up that’s when he would screaming . Didn’t take long for her to be as crazy as me. She started thinking the same thing. It got even worse the closer I was to come home. Poor thing she didn’t know what to do. Our son started hating bed time I don’t blame him at all. Eventually he hated being by himself because that evil girl was there just to torment him. He couldn’t play with his toy cars without problems. He was breaking apart. Can you imagine being a child playing in your room and out of nowhere something grabs you and starts dragging you across the floor. Sounds like fun right. That’s what he had to deal with. When I would talk to him on the phone I can hear the fear in his voice my poor son he is my little man. I would die for him. It felt like it took years for 2 weeks to pass but finally it was time to go home. I can’t say that I was not scared of what I had to face. I was terrified but One thing I was always told fear is just weakness escaping the body. So I had to man up really fast. She came to pick me up from the airport. On the way home I could see the dark circles under my beautiful wife’s eyes. It took all I could do to not be upset. That sight was infuriating to me. My angel was broken I had to fix her. My son was asleep in the back seat. But as soon as we pulled up he shot up like a weed. No daddy she doesn’t want you to go inside of her house my son said. I asked him what are talking about? he said little girl. I said it will be ok I’m bigger I can beat her up. He smiled and said she can hurt your dreams. After that I the fear escalated for me. I hate my dreams I can only imagine what she could do to make them worse. I didn’t know she would show me. As I walked into this piece of hell I seen something run to my sons room. I of course chased after it. When I got to look in his room I yelled what a mess my wife said haha very fun his room is spotless. Not anymore because everything was dumped out on the floor and his bed was flipped over. I tried to lighten the mood. I got quiet and booked it to the back door. she followed me. Then with a scared look on her she said what is wrong. I told her I had to check on my grill. She smiled a little while shaking her head and said I love you. I love you too I told her. Then a loud sound echoed throughout the house. I looked over to see the pictures on our walls on the ground all of them except one. We had a picture of a cross on the wall apparently that one she couldn’t touch. My wife said not again This is the third time this week that this has happen. Three times this has happen god knows I was scared.


Part three will come soon hope y’all enjoyed.