What a man I am!

I met my childhood crush recently.She was my first love but I never told her that I love her.But funny thing is she loved me too.She expressed me how she loved me but I was silent.I was so afraid to express how I feel too.Anyway,when I saw her few days ago,she is nestling a baby in her arms.OMG!She got a kid!I can’t believe what I see.However,that’s fine.She means nothing to me now.Well,I have another crush too.But I didn’t tell how I love her too.She showed me signs.I think she’s interested in me also.Well,I attended her wedding last year.So sad!It’s not finished yet.I met a lady last eight months ago.She is so beautiful,so amazing.Yes,I fell in love.Later,I got to know that she’s married too.

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