Night ride horror story

Mumbai To Goa Horror Story :- 
December 8, 2018. We went to a ride Mumbai To Goa it was amazing and little scary experience happened to me, Hello all am Arjun, We 3 of friends went to Goa by a road trip On our bikes.
Duke, Royal Enfield, Rc 150.

Mumbai to Pune by the Mumbai-Pune Expressway
Pune to Satara to Kolhapur to Belgaum (NH4)
Belgaum to Goa.

This is our rout paln.

We are enjoyed till Satara when we entered at NH4 it was felt awesome at 1:21 am we are at Satara Stopped for tea break, We refreshed and started our journey again and then this happened.

While reaching at kolhapur my friend he riding Rc 150 his mobile was fixed to the Bike Mobile Holder it lost its grip and felt down from bike he didn’t seen that after 25 KM he saw and told us that he lost his mobile somewhere on this Highway NH4.

We are shocked and told him to forgot it because its very hard now to find, Then he said it was cost around 40,000 INR (Apple I phone 7) I think, So we decided to have a look once then we went reverse and went to the place, it was somewhere around 2:20 am and we finally Found That at 3:40 am approx 4 am, It was felt corner side of the highway luckily that was still working nicely and just small damaged screen layer.

After all going nice this was creepy thing happened, At that place we seen one “babaji” and he walking alone one that road he was weird and creepy he coming towards us and we just decided to lets leave this place we started our bikes and he coming towards us fast and he running we just raced our bikes he opened a gun from his small bag and fired towards me i just missed then we raced up-to 110 kmph  i did’t seen him clearly but he was a damn dangerous man if we didn’t seen him first before he coming then i thing something very bad to happen us.

He fired on us with gun but i was the last guy who close to him so i felt he shoot me by god grease we missed the big trouble. That I Phone Costs our life.

When you travelling on highways at night time please be safe and look around you.

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