Letter to my future wife

Dear future wife,

I m not someone who has a good sense of humar or is good in flirting , I m the boring guy who sits on the last bench and always is daydreaming.

But I promise u that I will love u as much as your parents or sometimes more than that.

I m the type of guy who don’t like big surprises instead of that you can give me a night under the stars holding our hands together.

According to me the love between two should always remain between them only , it should not be shown to the world by the whatsapp and fb statuses .

More than a wife I want u to be my best friend , my bestest friend to whom I can share my thoughts ,my feelings any time without any fear of judgement. And think you also to do so I promise that I will never let you down.

Your wet hairs will always be romantic for me In comparison to your heavy makeup.

My love will always be pure for u no matter what the situation is .

I don’t have any girlfriend( I had one in 11 but we broke up in weeks ) and I don’t want to have also . In my dreams there is only you. I promise you that I will be vergin till I meet you.

There are many more things to say but my battery is running not only 13% is Left.

And ha please don’t disturb me when I m watching cricket match.

Love you

Your immature husband

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