Daddy’s little girl

This is the story about dad and daughter. For most of the girls her dad will be the first hero, for me he is my first and last hero. No one in the world can replace him. Even God will fail to do so. Here is the incident which I want to share with you guys, when I was studying in 6th I started riding my dad’s TVS XL. Once he took me to main road and I started riding the wheeler. We we’re going well so I started accelerating it. Suddenly I saw a dog crossing the road, my dad thought let him jump From the vehicle so that i can control the vehicle, while he was about to jump his shirt hand cuff stuck to my vehicle foot trust.i was still riding it uncontrollably, I dint know how to stop while I can see that I am dragging my dad on road and he is bleeding. Some how people came and stopped me took my dad in the road corner. He acted as if he is fine but he was not.