Together with you – part 6

Early in the morning, linda woke up and dress her self for the day. Then suddenly i opened my eye slowly with a smile on my face looking at linda. She was so beautiful that morning and i was carried away by her beauty. I keep staring at her, then the door opened slowly, it was the village king. “Long live the king” we all said, then he smiles and said ” morning to you all, how was your night? Hope you enjoyed yourself? ” we all answered and he instructed his guards to serve us with some tasty food. Later after the breakfast, he took us to his wife and we greeted her, she was so kind and soft hearted, we gist alot with her before her guards took us around to see how the place was.

They had a big market square, and lots of agricultural products. Yhe village was one of a kind. Then we went to a forest, the place was cool and silent, all we hear is birds chirping and we listen to thier melodious song. I was very happy with the place, and my mouth was wide open with happiness shown on my face. Later i turned around and i couldn’t find linda, i called her name but still silent, i was scared maybe she was taken away by someone, then we followed her footprints, it leads us to a waterfall were we found her, she was so happy with the place, she spread her arms, her face up with a big smile and she was spinning around continously, we all laughed and i keep staring at her, when the guards noticed it was a place for us to enjoy ourselves, they left us there and went back to the kingdom.

I walked to her and hugged her from back and she laughed. Then i said ” linda this place is paradise ” she laughed so loud and turned to me looking at me directly telling me that she has something to tell me since and she has been waiting for this moment. Linda said ” uhhhmmm