How I brought home a evil spirit – part 3

Standing at my doorway looking at all of these pictures on the floor. I thought am I finally loosing my mind maybe I am. But I realize that my wife was there. So no I wasn’t loosing my mind. I wish I could tell you that everything worked out fine and everything was easy going. Unfortunately I can’t because I would be lying to you. We pick up all pictures and put them in a pile didn’t want to put them back up because it was late and I was tired. My wife said bed time for you buddy to my son and we decided to let him lay down in our bed. He was fine with that he laid down on my side of the bed and was out. I came up with an idea I told my wife I’m going to sit in our sons room with the lights out and see what happens. Good luck she said I told her it will be ok I’m not scared. I was sitting in the dark when a thought crossed my mind. This girl doesn’t want me she wants him. I jumped up and ran to my room to open the door to my surprise it was stuck. I could twist the handle but wasn’t strong enough to open the door. I weigh 200 pounds I walk every day at least 5 miles for my job. I work out all the time I’m in great shape I’m not weak at all. I couldn’t get that door open. My wife tried helping but nothing was working. I cry out god please open this door. Finally it gave way I opened it up and a gust of wind hit me I just about fell down from it. I felt a sharp pain shoot though my leg. My leg felt like it was on fire like I just got burned. My son was sleeping like a baby didn’t even open his eyes he was fine. I looked at my leg it had fresh scratches all over it the pain was unbearable but I fought through it. I looked at my wife and said what’s next? With tears in her eyes she said I don’t know. As stupid as It sounds we just stayed and didn’t leave the house. Why would we that thing would have just followed us anyways. I decided to do a evp in the room my son was sleeping in. If you don’t know what a evp is it stands for electron voice phenomenon. Basically I just took my phone turn on the voice recorder and left my phone in there on record. I let my phone stay in there for about I let my phone stay there for about 20 minutes. I got up off the couch and said that should be long enough. For the ones wondering what kept me busy. Well I was gone for a month do the math and if you come my house don’t sit on the couch. Anyways I got my phone and Play back the recording what happened was by the time I got to the end of the recording I could hear me walking to the door and a voice that was not my sons and it sounded like a little girl she said daddy in the most creepiest voice I have ever heard. Right when I heard it my son started screaming. Me and my wife got up and ran to our room. He was laying on the floor saying he fell off the bed. We pick him up and turned on the lights he had a red hand print on his leg and scratches at the end of the fingers of the print. He was a trooper he just said it will be ok and was out like a light. This boy was being stronger than me and his mom. But why did he know something I didn’t or was he now something he wasn’t? ————- the end. Just kidding I’m just getting started. Stay tuned for maybe tomorrow night for the next part.

I’m having fun telling this story. This is not the only story I have. But the others will have to wait until this one is done. Hope y’all enjoyed this part. Also you can believe it or not it’s up to you.