my foolish friend

My friend had many boyfriends. About 23. But she could not judge who will be best for her. We were then in the 7th standard. I know all these nonsense from the first part of 7. I never knew that my friend knew it from class 2!! When she asked me for advise, I asked her to let me judge all of his bfs.  This she agreed. So the next month I went to his house. So there was these 10 guys who when they saw me first started flirting me. I just hated it and thought that they were not appropriate for her. Then there were 12 guys who I later came to know were betrayers. But one guy named Sayon loved my friend from the core of his heart. So I understood that he was best for her.But she just hated the guy because he was not as handsome as the others were. I friend to make her understand but she didn’t.  So I told the guy to fall in love with somebody else. This was depressing for him but he changed his mind and fell in love with another girl named Soumidha.

Then after 12 to 13 years I heard that my friend had married the guy (who flirted me and could even hurt me to get me) just because he was handsome(most handsome). When I came to their wedding he even came to me m pinned me against the wall and kissed me like anything. I hated it. Luckily nobody saw it and my fists gave me way as he was trying to open my dress. I wasn’t happy with the wedding.

Then after 2 months I heard that they were divorced.  And the boy was searching me!!I could not understand why???One day I came face to face with my friend and sshe told me that she had been very foolish to not take my advice.

But now what can be done?Sayon had married Soumidha and they lived happily and never divorced.

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