A letter to my future Husband

Dear Mr. Future Husband,

Ahem.. Are you kind of stuck somewhere ‘coz it’s been a while. I wish I could help but I can’t fast forward time. So take your time but don’t loose track of it.

We will discuss a lot once we meet face to face. I hope you are a good listener falling asleep to my speeches.

(Un)Fortunately we are tied by destiny. So marrying me is kind of inevitable for you. But don’t worry you will be in good hands.

I love food. I crave for tasty food most of the times without compromising health. So we both can live long healthy. So if you are going to be with me, you don’t have to worry about food. That’s a plus.. definitely a plus..

I talk more when you are silent. I listen more when you talk.. So feel free to discuss anything with me. I will be your stress buster.

Marriage.. I don’t like big fat weddings. A very simple wedding with close ones is what I wish for. If you wish the same let me know. Else we can have a bigg fat wedding..

I could write more but this letter may travel through multiple StoryTellers to reach you(if you are using StoryTeller .. else don’t worry babe am gonna show this letter to you one day).

So.. rest we will talk once we meet..

Until then.. Drive/Travel safe. Don’t eat much fast foods. Try to quit smoking ( if you are a smoker – I really don’t want any kind of lung disease separating us).. Drink water more..

Take care.. Bye for now..

See you soon..

With love – Anu.

P.S. The girl you flirted with yesterday. Na.. She is not the one and it’s never gonna work. So please.. Save yourself from another misery!

Happy Reading..!

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